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This ultra lightweight battery (only 500 grams) has a working capacity of 16 Ah to provide a higher lighting performance over an entire operating shift of 12 hours. With controlled charging, the batte


6 ton locomotive battery Weight (TM): 6 Power (HP): 25 Voltage (VDC): 140 Pull Capacity (TM): 42 ton Motor: DC Imported Transmission: Wormwheel and shaft Brake: Mechanical or hydraulic caliper lever


8 to 10 tons trolley locomotive Weight (TM): 8-10 Power (HP): 90 Voltage (DC): 250 Pull Capacity (TM): 80-100 Motors: 2 imported DC motors 45HP, 90hp total Transmission: Wormwheel and shaft Brakes: Me


L16 battery with LED Headpiece (Light Emitting Diode) Dual Reflector Point Light 5000 lumens (Complies with the standards set) Constant light during a normal shift of 12 hrs. Headpiece with bright nic


12 ton trolley locomotive Weight (TM): 12 Power (HP): 120 Voltage (VDC): 250 Pull Capacity (TM): 120 Motors: 2 imported DC motors 60hp, 120hp total Transmission: Double reduction Brakes: mechanical an


15 or 20 tons trolley locomotive Weight (TM): 15-20 Power (HP) 150 Voltage (VDC): 250 Pull Capacity (TM) 150-200 Motors: 2 imported DC motors 75hp, 150hp total Transmission: Double reduction Brakes: p

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