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Oldham manufactures caplamps and chargers in England for over 100 years, thus becoming the undisputed leader worldwide. In Peru, the Oldham lamps have been working throughout the national territory in


All equipment supplied by SERMINSA have the security of supply of spare parts, which ensures the efficient operation of equipment during its lifetime. This significantly improves productivity and redu

Repairs and Services

The infrastructure and expertise of our technical staff allow repair of equipment and / or mechanical and electrical components to our customers. These repairs and overhauls guarantee availability for

Granby Mine Cars

The traditional type Granby mine cars are widely used in underground mining operations where extraction requires high volumes at low cost. These rugged muck cars are available in capacities from 40 cu

Bottom Discharge

The Bottom Discharge type mine cars are wagons with bottom discharge system. When passing the convoy in the area of discharge, the platform is opened below to perform faster with high volume downloads

Continuous Load

These cars are usually used in tunnel construction. The cars are equipped with self-propelled conveyor systems that allow the material to be transferred from one wagon to another, allowing it to perfo

Materials Transportation

Both for use in mines or tunneling, these cars are used for transport of materials or machinery. The dimensions and load capacities of these wagons are determined together with the customer to transpo

Personnel Transportation

Used for the transportation of personnel in mines and in construction of tunnels. The capacity and other specifications of the cars are determined together with the customer.

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