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Quality Policy
SERMINSA is a team made up of highly trained engineers and technicians, who are dedicated to satisfying its customers with equipment solutions. Therefore SERMINSA´s policy is based on the following principles:

1. Personal integrity  
SERMINSA is built on the basis of values such as discipline, order, respect and honesty, values that must be passed to customers as a sign of seriousness.
2. Creativity and innovation in Customer Service  
Each new work is the starting point for new projects, so we must seek continuous improvement of our products.
3. Productivity  
We must optimize and guarantee the quality of inputs in order to obtain a final product that meets the requirements of our customers.
4. Fulfillment  
We must deliver our products on time, even exceeding expectations.
5. Proactive Customer Service  
SERMINSA must be in constant communication with its customers, allowing us to anticipate problems and potential failures.


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